the capsule is the very first capsule hotel in Seoul

a capsule hotel blending design 

& technology to promote a sustainable culture, 

one quality sleep at a time.

Seungho Jeong

A talented individual with bachelor’s degree in Engineering, and Technology Management from Seoul National University.

Worked three years as an ordinary technical marketer at SK Innovation.

Since 2016, able to secure a streak of minor successes and start two guesthouses.

Has since left SK to focus primarily on running the guesthouses.

Role: builds up detailed plans for execution, in charge of logistics and making new ideas come to fruition.

Jinwook Han

An ambitious individual with bachelor’s degree in Management from Yonsei University.

First conjured up the idea of running a hotel in 2014 when he visited Japan.

There he found students running a bed and breakfast in a small apartment, and he soon followed suit.

Role: the initiator in coming up with new ideas - sparking up new ideas, and facing any problems headstrong.

Junyoung Heo

A talented individual with master’s degree in Management from the London School of Economics

Worked as a global investment bank analyst, a consultant, and floor trader.

In 2017, he successfully opened his first capsule bed in Gangnam. So he realized the true potential of the Capsule Hotel market.

Role: in charge of creating future opportunities for the company by envisioning big picture moves to take the company in a positive direction.